Greetings From The Andringa Group!

We are four senior consultants who share a passion for helping nonprofit leaders, their management teams, and their boards.  Each of us owns and operates our own practice, but we have agreed to work together on client needs when appropriate and we often refer potential clients to one another.

As independent consultants, we learn from one another and hold one another accountable to the highest ethics and standards of excellence.  Our relationship and commitment to one another extends to our respective families.  Below is a picture of us with our spouses at a recent gathering.

Bob Andringa, the Managing Partner (an easy role because he does not really manage the other three) has been a friend with each of the others for more than 30 years.  He considers each to be among the best he has known in their respective fields.  Working as partners for many years has enriched our lives and, hopefully, added significant value to the hundreds of clients we have served.

Learn how to help your board. Order the book, Good Governance for Nonprofits: Developing Principles and Policies for an Effective Board, by Fred Laughlin and Bob Andringa. 

Left to Right:  Fred and Maralee Laughlin, Sue and Bob Andringa,
Dale and Marty Lefever, Rob and Heidi Stevenson

If the background of any of these consultants intrigues you, please contact them directly. Otherwise, use this form to contact us.

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